where are the stars tonight?

I'm always influenced by the styles of other people. I go to the usual style blogs, like the facehunter, etc. but I visit teenvogue's snapshot section sometimes, and lately it's been pretty interesting.


I updated my muxtape :) I guess you could call it my soundtrack for the summer. So far.

note to self: never abuse make-up. (that's the girl from Danity Kane.) And this whole "dramatic eye" thing is getting old, which is why I love Leighton Meester and her laid-back natural beauty.

Aubrey (or whatever her name is) looks like a clown. I just wanna take a wet towel and wipe it down her face while simultaneously taking those overkill fake diamond bangles off her wrists. But i like how she's sticking up her broken middle finger, haha.

new music alert: Albert Hammond, Jr. (from the Strokes, which is pretty much my favorite band) has a new album coming out next week. The whole thing can be listened to on myspace until then.

I'm leaving for jersey on thursday, I'm both excited and reluctant to leave, but it's only for three days. I want to revitalize myself so this could be the perfect opportunity.

red lights, blue lights

Last night I saw Wanted and I loved every minute of it. James McAvoy truly is a fine actor, and I've only seen two of his movies (the other being Atonement) but I always hear nice things about The Last King of Scotland. I have the dvd so maybe I'll watch it one of these lonely summer nights.

I'm sitting here in my den, the house is nearly empty, and the only light spills subtly from a lamp in the far corner of this dimly-lit room. It's Saturday night. Why am I here? My nights are usually quite eventful and end only after 3 a.m., around the time I say goodbye to someone whom my feelings for are stronger than most. I'm confused. Curious. Uncomfortably inquisitive. This is one of those lonely, dreaded summer nights. And yet I'm too anxious to just sit and watch a movie, especially by myself, not when I'm feeling like this.

Yeah that's Chuck Bass (a.k.a. Ed Westwick) in an argyle sweater in the summer heat of the Hamptons. Talk about heat. I was watching my friends skate today, and I stood out there in the street for about an hour, in 88 degree heat, wearing minishorts and a sleeveless top. I immediately took a shower when I got home. And he's wearing a sweater...

playlist of the week (it only has two tracks but whatever)

what ever happened?

So it's summer, and having all this free time gives me more time to think. That may be a good thing, and it should be, but my pessimism will only let me process bad thoughts, and I'm constantly reminded of what I don't have rather than what I do have. I don't have a job; I don't have a car; I don't make my own money; I don't even have a true best friend who I can fully trust anymore. And all this negativity just overwhelms me, making it somewhat more difficult to think about what is right in front of me, and what I shouldn't take for granted. Why do I focus on the bad side of things so much? Nobody else seems to care as much as I do, and they live their lives like it's no big deal. I could learn a thing or two from them.

i took my love down to violet hill

i love looking at the album covers of my favorite bands. they stray from the typical studio portraits that we see in record stores, emblazoning the albums of pop stars who probably didn't even write their own songs. alternatively, bands opt to brandish their albums with artwork, some more interesting than others. case in point: coldplay.

there's something about the way "viva la vida" is just splattered in the dead center, while lady liberty leads triumph during the revolution ... it complements the melodies in the tracks, so even if you can't dissect the lyrics, you'll still have some clue as to what they mean.

i remember reading an article about X&Y when it was released. the writer kept questioning the strange symbols (an alphabet?) that are depicted as random colored squares. what are they, anyway?


and here's something i've found kind of interesting. it's a journal by this girl who was just starting out on her journey to becoming a model. with all this talk of unsatisfied models who just want to make a living in a demanding industry, it fits right in.

i always knew that the lives of models really aren't all that glamourous and shit, but before reading this, i figured that the agencies would do more to accomodate their models; you know, make them feel comfortable. apparently, that isn't the case.

photo: justjared

who gives a fuck about an oxford comma?

Ali Michael first publicly spoke about the pressures she felt to lose weight in the june/july issue of teenvogue. now, Coco Rocha is following suit. but even if every other it-girl model speaks out on the subject, would the fashion industry remain the same, or would it finally change?


normally, i don't post covers or editorials of fashion magazines on my blog, strictly because you'll find the same thing on a thousand other blogs -- but this one just screamed for me to showcase it.

Velvet - July 2008
model: Tiiu Kuik
ph: Enrique Badulescu

BFFs + bromances

brody jenner, paris hilton and her potential best friends

forget dating shows. boyfriends and girlfriends are overrated. pfft. how about shows where you can just be best friends instead?

sure, the idea sounds crap. but hey, whatever works for good television.

earlier this year, Paris Hilton announced that she's working on "Paris Hilton's My New BFF," in which she'll embark on a search for a new best friend. and earlier this week, Brody Jenner announced that he's looking for a bromance. what's next? "Heidi Montag Needs New Friends"?

somehow, i don't think Hollywood would be the same without Paris. her matchy outfits and desperate need for attention actually kind of keep things interesting. (and she's not pregnant, as she was seen drinking and wearing an uber-tight belt around her waist in vegas -- way to prove the tabloids wrong, Paris)

photos: just jared, paris hilton online